Service Suspension Policy

Payments for services provided by Maxitec are due on presentation of the invoice or on the renewal date of the service.  Maxitec reserves the right to suspend, without prior notice any service that has not been paid within 7 days of the renewal date or invoice date.

Please use your account number as a reference when making a payment.  Failure to use your account number means that we are unable to allocate your payment and could result in a suspension of your service.  You will be required to email your proof of payment to

if the payment could not be allocated to your account.

Kindly note that some services may take up to 48 hours to be reactivated once suspended and that a R350 reactivation fee will be levied against the account, before reinstating services.  

We strongly urge you to settle your account immediately so that we can continue to provide you with services. If payment is not made, these services will be cancelled and further action will be taken to collect the outstanding amount.  

It is very important to take note that once some services are cancelled, it may not be possible to be reinstated and you might have to re-apply for a service.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee availability, time frames, etc. once a service has been cancelled.  This includes Domain Names, Email Accounts, Web Hosting, Fibre Lines, DSL Lines, etc.

We thank you for your urgent attention and appreciate the continued support.

Maxitec Admin
Tel: 086 1234 777