Nerds and proud of it; our team consists of some really dedicated, well-versed ladies and gents that love what they do and are great at it! We've been in this line of work since 1997 so we've seen all versions of the great world wide web evolve, and us alongside it.

During our evolution we've dabbled in many different services, but we've always focused on what we know our clients need most - fast, reliable internet and online services. These include WiFi, ADSL, Mobile LTE and Fibre, along with hosting and web development. We've therefore been able to improve upon the experience that our customers have, work on the glitches and bring out new "versions" of our support and services to better serve you (insert Matrix reference here). And, with some of our customers having stuck with us since the beginning, we seem to be doing a lot right!

MAXITEC is based in Hermanus, along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country (it's a really tough life), where our team works to continuously improve and grow our brand. We have a dedicated support team, web design department and a handful of talented programmers (AKA Server Whisperers), all of whom work under one techy-roof.


Send the back-end panel into the pixel, it will disconnect the network by inputting its BIOS malware!


If we connect the hard drive, we can get to the SDD port through the high speed ASCII mainframe!


If we override the card, we can get to the SDRAM firewall through the cross-platform CSS monitor!